About Thinking Metal Music

Who we are...

Thinking Metal was originally formed as an independent record label in 1995.

The company is the principle publisher for works released by T-Bass, SkinMechanix and Ion.

What we do...

Apartment Grass

Our main activity at the moment is the production of library music, which has proved very successful. Our music has been used in film, TV, radio, computer games and a staggering number of pod casts.

We're about to sign a licensing deal with Production Music House Lemoncake, which will put our music on one of the biggest and best platforms in the world.

Who we are...

David J. Hughes is the writer, composer and instrument designer behind the venture.

David has been active in the field of electronic music for over 35 years and, thus far, he's scored nine full length albums, written for TV and video, contributed pieces for magazines such as the industry bible Sound-on-Sound and is the designer of the ZEIT, ATEM and HAYDN Step Sequencers.

Jules C takes care of all of the important stuff such as the accounts, the legal stuff and also deputises on keyboards at live appearances.

What we believe in...

Our core philosophy is borrowed directly from the world's most successful company, Apple, and it goes like this:

Where does the name Thinking Metal come from?

It's from the song "God Only Knows" by Gary Numan on the album, "The Fury", and the line goes:

"I've been surrounded, for hours

by the sound of thinking metal..."