This is a basic discography of our releases thus far although it is, alas, incomplete. Back in the day, we dropped so many pieces on so many compilation albums that we simple forgot which tracks appeared where. Worse, after the demise of the original incarnation of Thinking Metal way back in 1999, some of our details were lost and others were never updated. Most of these tracks were used with my permission, some without. And some? I'd forgotten I'd ever written them.

Of course, we would love to get a full discography together, just so that I have something to look back on in my fading years and perhaps tell the Grandchildren how the Old Man nearly made it big. Yeah, Dream on, Dave. :)

So, if you know of a track that's been used somewhere and doesn't appear in the list below then please let me know via the Contact page. I'll be extremely grateful and you'll also get a mention here as an honorary archivist.

Part i) Demo tapes / early releases

Sampler Tape 1 exterior Images

Kinetic Engineering (1993, 6 copies)

  • Tranquility Bass [original version]
  • The Reality Engine
  • Dream On
  • Machine

Artix promotional video (1994, 6 copies)

  • Storm Front
  • Four Wheel Jive

Crash (1994, 20 copies)

  • Ozone Park
  • Tranquility Bass
  • The Infection of Time
  • Lovesong

Sampler Tape #1 (1995, 50 copies)

  • Storm Front
  • Tranquility Bass
  • Network of the Heart


Part ii) T-Bass UK releases

The Infection of Time (INFECT001, 1995)

  • Storm Front
  • Tranquility Bass
  • The infection of Time
  • Mariner
  • Ozone Park
  • Inferno
  • Four Wheel Jive
  • The Torch
  • Network of the Heart
  • Lovesong(Are you still there?

Connexion (INFECT002, 1999)

  • Lovesong (live at EMMA IV)
  • Tranquility Bass 1999 (live at Newcastle Arts Centre)
  • 6EQUJS (Wow!)
  • Gazing at the edge of forever
  • Time after time

The Fabulous Neutrinos (INFECT003, 2001)

  • The Fabulous Neutrinos
  • Ice
  • Know Fear
  • The Lighthouse
  • Gazing at the edge of forever
  • Call from the Wild Side
  • 6EQUJS(Wow!)
  • 10000 Maniacs
  • Memory Lingers Here
  • A Question of Time

Part iii) T-Bass UK discs on MP3.com

MP3.com was one of the first sites to offer a good quality download service and all of the above T-Bass recordings were re-mastered and re-released on the MP3.com between 2000 and 2002. All are currently deleted.

microcosm front Image
  • Spin Lock 7 tracks covering Connexion and Infection
  • Microcosm 7 tracks covering Connexion and Infection
  • Receiver? The seven post-Infection releases on one disc
  • The Infection of Time (INFECT001-DAM) - re-released as a DAM CD!
  • Connexion (INFECT002-DAM) - the original Connexion tracks and more!


Part iv) Skin Mechanix releases

The Secret Life of Angels (INFECT004, 2002)

  • First Flight
  • The Secret Life of Angels
  • Ultravista
  • Interlude at the Edge of Known Space
  • ZeitGeist
  • A Chromium Dark
  • The Great Discovery
  • Glow
  • Dimension Jump


The downloadable version of this album from Magnatune features 3 additional tracks but omits track 5, ZeitGeist. The additional tracks are:

  • Elementary Theory of Transfer Processes
  • Overflight
  • A Chromium Dark (Live at Awakenings, 2005)

Fallen Angel (INFECT006, 2005)

  • Fallen Angel
  • Dimension Jump
  • Waving at Mono
  • The Secret Life of Angels
  • A Chromium Dark
  • Before We Forget
  • The Journey Home
  • America

Part v) Ion releases

Future Forever front cover

Future Forever (INFECT007, 2007)

  • Future Forever
  • Logoscape
  • Minerva
  • Evensong
  • Farscape
  • The Silent Scream
  • Tangents
  • Flying over Blue Waters

The Downloadable version of Future Forever features the following additional tracks, which were not included on the original CD release.

  • Eternal Flame
  • Voyager
  • The Silent Scream (Part ii)

Flying Over Blue Waters (INFECT008, 2007, video download only)

Our first video project, creating using the virtual world of Second Life.

  Future Forever front cover

Universal (INFECT009, 2008, download only)

This release was recorded live on 14th December 2007 at Newcastle University's Symposium on Music and Machines.

  • Altitude
  • Sancho Panza
  • Garden Party
  • Aurora
  • Waving at Mono

A Fall of Stars (TMCD0010, 2014)

A Fall of Stars was released as a limited edition CDr in October 2014 and then later, as a downloadable item on Bandcamp.

The album featured new versions of existing tracks which had either been performed live or released through our licensing projects. The track layout was as follows:

A Fall of Stars front cover
  • 1. Annoying the Neighbours
  • 2. Blues for a Red Planet
  • 3. The Smallest Kiss
  • 4. Juno Reactor
  • 5. A Fall of Stars
  • 6. All the Small Things
  • 7. The Faraway Piano
  • 8. Waiting...
  • 9. SpaceWalker
  • 10. Bong Ting
  • 11. Precis and Response

Part vi) Promotional Discs

MediaEvil front Image

Mediaevil (INFECT005, 2002)

Part vii) Compilation Discs