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Music by Ion

Thinking Metal graphic

Eternal Flame and Voyager both date from the original Dusk to Dawn sessions and were written between January and March 2007. Most of the material from Universal was written in the summer of 2007 once the Ion project began to take off though Garden Party was written specifically for the Music and Machines symposium.

Eternal Flame (6:18)

Eternal Flame was one of the first tracks written for the Dusk to Dawn trilogy. Initially considered too different (and too derivative) to feature on the initial release, I later revised this opinion whilst putting together the downloadable version of the album. It works very well indeed and should have been included. If there ever is another CD version of Future Forever then it will be included!

Universal (18:20)

Universal was produced for Newcastle University's "Machines and Music" Symposium in December 2007. The object of the performance was to demonstrate our ZEIT Step Sequencer in a real time setting and not everything went according to plan. In fact, I did not want to release this recording. However, the performance proved so popular amongst friends that I changed my mind and the set was subsequently released on the third MusicZeit sampler. It's included here in case you don't have that download.

Voyager (10:20)

Voyager was an experimental track, written quickly and subsequently discarded in favour of the brighter, more melodic tracks. However, it was included in the downloadable version of the album and quickly began to gain airplay and popularity around the world. It featured on the first MusicZeit download compilation and also on the Awakenings Live compilation from 2007 so it's been around a bit. It's included here in case you haven't got a copy of either of those two discs.

Music by SkinMechanix

The following tracks were originally recorded in 2001. I'll upload some more recent tracks in the next couple of days, once the site revisions are out of the way.

Waving at Mono (6:18)

Waving at Mono was originally recorded to showcase the rather wonderful Monowave Synthesiser by Modulus Electronics but never subsequently used. This is a modified version which was recorded for the Tenth Anniversary edition of Sequences Magazine.

Elementary Theory of Transfer Processes (10:20)

"Elementary Theory of Transfer Processes" had been lying around gathering dust since 1999 and we felt that it was time it saw the light of day. "Elementary Theory" was recorded during the original SkinMechanix sessions although there has been some recents minor edits to remove a couple of clicks and the odd fluffed note. Enjoy.

Music by T-Bass

The following tracks were pre-recorded "live" for a session on BBC Radio Newcastle's Afternoon Show with Julia Hankin. Alas, programming constraints meant that they were never used.

T-Bass UK, Tranquility Bass 2001 (5:13)

This is the 2001 version of one of my favourite tracks, Tranquility Bass. This track is all about dynamics, fast and slow, loud and soft, steamin' hot or cold as ice. 'Duality' is the keyword here. Originally the title track for the album, this piece probably describes the idea behind the band better than any number of words could ever hope to achieve.

Lovesong (Are you still there?) (4:33)

Lovesong is all about a telephone conversation, the kind we all receive from time to time. You say your bit and you listen to the reply. Except that the reply isn't what you expected to hear. So, you try to make your point again and ... the line goes quiet. The calm before the storm? Perhaps. A brief exchange of fireworks? Have you solved the problem? Have you made it worse?

Make your own ending up...

A Question of Time: (5:45)

A Question of Time is taken from the second T-Bass UK album, The Fabulous Neutrinos.

Dare To Be Different (5:00)

Dare To Be Different is an unreleased track from the, as yet untitled, future album.


Ionian Sea at Dawn Image

Ionian sea at dawn was inspired by a boat trip Jules and I took between the Greek Mainland and the island of Paxos in 1999. We were, quite frankly, terrified. One moment, the sea would be still and silent, the next heaving up and down, with waves around 30 feet high around us. The Captain assured us that he'd never lost a boat yet. Yet.

This image was created in Terragen.

Ionian Sea at Dawn 1240x1024

Ionian Sea at Dawn 1024 x 768

Monolight Image

Monolight was one of the first images I created using the Terragen application and attempts to recreate one of our night-time trips around the island of Paxos in 1999.

Monolight 1240x1024

Monolight 1024 x 768

Adrift in Time Image

Spin Lock was another release on the now defunct download / music sharing web site. The disc was the companion to Microcosm above and featured a number of unreleased and live tracks from The Infection of Time and Connexion.

Connexion 1240 x 1024

Connexion 1024 x 768

Microcosm Image

Created for the CD release Microcosm, this artwork was generated in Bryce 3D and finished off in Photoshop. It attempts to fuse the Timer motif from The Infection of Time with the Cage motif from the EP Connexion.

Microcosm 1240 x 1024

Microcosm 1024 x 768

Rapture Image

Rapture was composed and recorded in 2006 for a gig in the Awakenings series. The set was never released.

Rapture 1240x1024

Rapture 1024 x 768