Thinking Metal: Frequently Asked Questions

How and when did Thinking Metal come about?

Thinking Metal was originally formed in 1995 as Thinking Metal Productions and its primary focus was as an outlet for the musical ambitions of writer, instrument designer and composer David J. Hughes.

The company released 2 discs on the original Thinking Metal label, The Infection of Time and Connexion, both by T-Bass UK.

Thinking Metal Productions ceased all activities following the disasterous Alfa Centauri concert in Holland in April 1999 ("The wrong band playing the wrong kind of music to the wrong audience..."). However, the label was successfully resurrected again in 2006 as Thinking Metal Music.

Why have you resurrected Thinking Metal?

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Thinking Metal was resurrected because we felt that it was time to move our ever-expanding musical activities out from under the Infection Music umbrella and into a separate venture. The same was true of our web page activities, which we broke away into a separate company, Infection Media.

This move will allow Infection Music to concentrate purely on electronic musical instruments. Thinking Metal will focus on music production, CD's, concerts and our new library/licensing project leaving Infection Media to provide web services to both of the above companies.

Will all of the Infection Music CD's be available on the Thinking Metal label?

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Yes, they will. Better still, much of our back catalogue such as The Infection of Time and Fallen Angel has been remixed and remastered with additional tracks and new artwork. These titles are available from our own on-line shop and from the download facility MusicZeit, where they are available as loss-less FLAC(*) format files along with high-resolution 300 DPI artwork.

(* You will need some means of converting FLAC format files into WAV's or AIFF audio tracks but these are available as freeware on the web. Full instructions are available on the MusicZeit site.)

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What about the album download service?

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Our own album download facility has been greatly extended and enhanced to give the best possible service. Why not give it a try?

We have also signed distribution deals for all of our existing titles. support two of our more popular releases, Future Forever by Ion, and The Secret Life of Angels by SkinMechanix. Both titles are also available as downloadable albums from iTunes, CD Baby, E-Music and many other faciltities (some of whom actually pay us!).

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Those discs not supported by Magnatune are now available from the MusicZeit download facility. All MusicZeit discs are available as high quality FLAC files along with with full colour, high resolution artwork.

Do you send out CD's to radio stations?

Sorry, no. Sending discs through the mail is expensive and seriously reduces our level of stock, especially many of the limited edition discs (in some cases, we have only five or six copies left).

There's also the issue of the Black Hole at the centre of our local Post Office to contend with, if you see what we mean. These days, we prefer to e-mail links to our download area, and we only send discs out to radio stations when there is no alternative. Sorry about that.

What's all this about a library/licensing project? Why?

Our main activity at the moment is producing material for licensing, as this generates considerably more income than CD and download sales, which have fallen dramatically in recent years, partly due to the recession and partly due to those theiving immoral bastards who think it's okay to pirate our discs. Please do not support these scum bags. Most are a front for criminal activity. They won't send you any product or pay us any royalities. They'll just use your credit card details to pay for stolen goods. You have been warned.

Which bands are currently signed to Thinking Metal?

At the moment, we have three bands signed to the label. These are:

  • 1. T-Bass (currently deceased)
  • 2. SkinMechanix
  • 3. Ion

Ion and SkinMechanix are still active and although T-Bass has formally been declared dead and buried, they have received a lot of airplay this year and last, and so there has been some talk of resurrecting the project albeit in another guise. We really don't know at the moment.

Right now, our priorities are firstly to ensure that both SkinMechanix and Ion continue to generate enough material to satisfy our licensing projects and, secondly, to ensure that both bands start gigging in the local area sooner rather than later.

Is Thinking Metal currently looking for new talent?

Sorry, no. We want to focus all of our efforts on our current roster.

Who are the people behind Thinking Metal?

David Hughes is the writer, composer and instrument designer behind the venture. David has been active in the field of electronic music for over 30 years and, thus far, he's scored 8 full length albums, written for TV and video, contributed pieces for magazines such as the industry bible Sound-on-Sound and is the designer of the ZEIT and ATEM Step Sequencers.

Jules C takes care of all of the important stuff such as the accounts, the legal stuff and also deputises on keyboards at live appearances.

Where does the name Thinking Metal come from?

It's from the song "God Only Knows" by Gary Numan on the album, "The Fury", and the line goes:

"I've been surrounded, for hours

by the sound of thinking metal..."