Useful and related links... Musicians first...

John Dyson


The continuing adventures of John, Pete and Ade...

Rob Jenkins

Stone Idols and ex-Redshift

Mark Shreeve and Redshift

One Man and his Moog...

Ian Boddy

Musician and elder Statesman of the UK EM scene and one half of Arc

Andy Condon aka The Glimmer Room

One of the best UK EM artists to appear in recent years!

Tangerine Dream

The Guvnor's... nuff said... ?:)


Scott Raymond and WVKR

DJ and long-time friend!

Manuel Lemos Muradas

Spain's Radio Free "The Last Frontier" programme!

Mick Garlick

Editor of the excellent Sequences magazine...


Magnatune, they are not evil!

David Law and Synth Music Direct

This guy can sell snow to an eskimo!


MusicZeit, highest quality download service on the planet!

Lothar Lubitz and SynGate

SynGate Organisation

Music from Outer Space:

Synthesiser kits and home of the Soundlab synth


Synthesiser kits and home of the AVR-Synth

Sounds Live

One of Newcastle's Best Musical Equipment dealers!