Thinking Metal: Showreel

02-Oct-11: Soundtrack / Showreel

Following on from the success of our licensing project, we're now moving into soundtracks for TV, radio and film. This area is provided so that film makers and media authors can get a taste of our preferred styles.

The following tracks are examples of our existing body of work though it is by no means exhaustive. If you like what you hear and feel that a specific track would suit your requirements then please get in touch via the Contact form above. Many of these tracks can be licensed via Shockwave Sound or we're happy to negotiate.

Atmospheric / Ambient


Slow, melancholic, spacey themes with deep atmosphere

Fallen Angel

Slow, sweeping atmospheric build into delicate sequences


Filter sweeps give way to delicate choral voicing...

Horror / Tension


Subterranean growls and howling winds as a prelude to a siren's call...

White Out Part I

A pounding heart beat amid delicate sweeps heralds the arrival of something... but what?

White Out Part II

Rising synth pads paired with a deep, menacing atmosphere...

Romantic / Mood

A Fall of Stars

Tender, moving, structured keyboard piece. Delicate leads surrounded by flanged choirs...

Flying Over Blue Waters

Strong keyboards and a killer melody

Sweeping / Thematic / Filmic

Future Forever

Epic, swirling, driving melodies interleaved with fast moving sequences...

Eternal Flame

Swirling choral pads lead into a dense, melancholic theme...

IDM / Electronica

A Fall of Stars (remix)

Andy C's remix of A Fall of Stars

The Faraway Piano (remix)

Another Andy C remix, this time of The Faraway Piano

Flying of Blue Waters (remix)

Andy C's remix of Flying Over Blue Waters



Dense, pounding multilayered sequences backed by solid Dance beats