Welcome to CuCumber Creative

CuCumber Creative are David Hughes, a well established lecturer/speaker/techno-futurist, and ethno/hippie/environmentalist Jules C.

CuCumber Creative is about exploring science as an exquisite, well organised art form. Here, you will find pages detailing the various approaches followed in the pursuit of elegance and discovery.

We're based in the North East of England and, at present, these pages represent a few of the projects we're involved with, either in a professional, advisory capacity or as a hey! look a what we just made! capacity.

Here's a short list of some our recent projects:

  • Ardunio-driven, MIDI controlable DC Motor interface
  • Arduino-driven Distance Counter (Teaching Aid for JMB)
  • Arduino-driven Game show Controller (Teaching Aid for JMB)
  • Introduction to Programming Computer Games (for Centre for Life)
  • Introduction to Programming Arduino (for Centre for Life)
  • The Hoppings - web site and poster design for Europe's largest travelling fun fair
  • David's Life Drawing classes