Welcome to CuCumber Creative

CuCumber Creative is about exploring science as an exquisite, well organised art form. Here, you will find pages detailing the various approaches followed in the pursuit of elegance and discovery.

CuCumber Creative are David Hughes, a well established lecturer/speaker/techno-futurist, and ethno/hippie/environmentalist Jules C.

CuCumber are based in the North East of England and, at present, our main activity is to educate and inform. In the past, we've worked closely with Life in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne to promote science and technology by way of a diverse range of artistic endeavours.

We believe that science should be interesting and fun, not dumbed down to the point of juvenile parlour tricks meant to entertain the lowest common denominator. That approach doesn't work. What we will do is make you think and think hard, about the world we live in, what we believe and how we arrive at conclusions using a fact-based approach to learning rather than 'fluffy' logic (as we like to call it).