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08-Sep-14 Project update: Arduino Motor Controller

Added the Arduino Motor Control project to the new Projects page.

07-Sep-14 Page updates and new projects

We'll be revising and updating these pages quite a bit over the next few weeks to include new projects and activities. Please bookmark the site and check back on a regular basis.

31-Jan-14 Forthcoming Training Classes

We've received a lot of interest in running another series of Programming Classes.

We're looking for an alternative venue, and we're trying to arrange a suite of pre-installed and pre-configured PCs so that we don't run into the kind of problems we experienced last time.

Space on this course will be limited and spaces tend to go very quickly. Please book mark the site and visit again soon or, better still, why not register your interest via the contact form.

As we're fond of saying, watch this space for details...

22-Oct-13 Advanced Arduino Cancelled

We're sad to report that the Advanced Arduino Class, scheduled for Saturday 26th October has been cancelled by the venue.

Whilst this is disappointing, the earlier classes Introduction to Games Programming, Introduction to Arduino and Introduction to Programming Mobile Devices were all heavily over-subscribed and so we'll be re-scheduling and repeating these classes at a later date, probably in the New Year.

Watch this space for details...

04-Oct-13 Slide Presentations

The Slide presentations for the Introduction to Programming Computer Games workshop are available here and here.

If you've lost the software packages that were given out during the workshop then please get in touch with us using the contact form.

02-Oct-13 Yurt-centric Adventures...

"The Great Geordie Space Race", West Wood Yurts, nr. Gibside 01-Oct-13

Sitting, cross-legged, in a Yurt, out in the wilds of County Durham, and talking about the mysteries of time and space, and the birth and death of stars, kind of like an astro-Shaman.

It's a small audience, only six, with no mains electricity and just the feint glow of a MacBook to illuminate the proceedings. It's easier and more comfortable to just sit amongst the punters. Probably the most relaxed talk I've ever given.

Many thanks to Jenn for the GPS fix, the tea and whatever was in that soup...

"This astrology is a load of crap - but then I would say that. I'm a Pisces..."

01-Oct-13 What on earth is a Yurt?

Apparently, we're giving a talk on astronomy in a Yurt tonight, possibly without power. I'm not even sure what a Yurt is... :)

Actually, this looks really, really interesting. They're installed at Gibside and you can find out more by clicking here.

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