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Who are Ion?

Ion was formed in 2007 following the demise of techno-futurist synth-rockers T-Bass. Their debut album, Future Forever, was released on the Thinking Metal label in 2008 and, since then, has sold more than 50,000 downloads.

A follow-up album, A Fall of Stars, was released in 2014.

What Ion do

We write, record and produce rich and detailed electronic music compositions for either libraries or to a Director's specification. We also create visuals to specification and, where appropriate, music too.

Who do Ion sound like?

Our style has evolved a lot since we began this journey. Hence, we'd prefer you to have a listen for yourself and then come to your own decision. However, if you want a quick reference then we've been favourably compared to German electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream fused with elements of New Wave & Synth Wave, Ultravox and Depeche Mode.

Music & Current Projects

Ion are primarily focussed on soundtrack work and synchronisation licensing. Our music has featured on a wide range of projects - from small, minority interest podcasts, to medium budget relaxation vidoes and even big, budget Hollywood movies.

We've been on a bit of hiatus recently whilst SkinMechanix purge themselves of their strange teenage need to become Bowie-esque rock gods although we're back now with some new gigs and a new album in the pipeline.

Other projects : Arts & Multimedia

We've produced promo videos & soundtracks for a range of clients large and small. One of our favourites was a backing video for our friends Thorpe Cloud : Free Fall was filmed entirely withing in the virtual world, Second Life and consists of a fifty minute fantasy journey through an abandoned spaceship.

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Although most of our sales are downloads these days, we do still stock CDs from our back catalogue.

Get in touch if you'd like to buy The Real McCoy and not a big lump of data.

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