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Current Projects : Web Site Reboot & Rumblefish

Added 26-Jun-17 by Admin

Yes, yet another web site reboot. Honestly, those bozos in the Graphics department have way too much time on their hands...

This web site facelift brings us into line with the rest of the Thinking Metal site and also into the 21st century in that it's a mobile-friendly template. Hence, you should be able to view this anywhere at anytime on anything. That's the theory anyway. If it doesn't work then let me know.

Years and years ago, we signed up the rather excellent CD-Baby service. We paid our money and we got ourselves another release platform. We were finally free of the main dealers in the EM Ghetto. So we had a party.

Skip forward ten years and... as expected, sales of Future Forever have fallen away to virtually nothing, except maybe the odd cheque for $20 once a year or so, if we were lucky. This isn't unusual. All music has a shelf life. It's hot one minute and last week's news the next. So it goes.

So we were somewhat surprised when a royalty cheque turned up last week for an amount more than the usual $20. It was for... wait for it $50. Gee whizz. I can retire to the Seychelles on that. Not.

But digging slightly deeper, I figured that even at the scandalously low rates which streaming sites pay their artists, this amounted to a lot of downloads. Forty five thousand downloads to be specific. Don't believe me? I've uploaded a screen snap .. partly because I don't quite believe it myself.

Digging deeper still, I turns out that those downloads were generated via Rumblefish, who are a CD-Baby affliate. Thing is, I SPECIFICALLY TOLD CD-BABY NOT TO SIGN ME UP TO RUMBLEFISH because it would mess with my other licensing vendors. CD-Baby obviously ignored that instruction and signed me up anyway. I dispair. I really do. Magnatune did the same thing with the Orchard even though we specifically told them not to and... dear friends, that silly fuck up by Magnatune cost us our licensing deal with Shockwave Sound, who no longer return my calls or my e-mails. Gee, thanks guys. I feel so inclined to deal with streaming services again.

Anyway, ignoring the Rumblefish/CD-Baby stupid stuff, what this means is that somewhere on this small blue rock all adrift in the galaxy, an awful lot of people have heard Future Forever.

And that makes me happy.