Phaedra 16 track, 32 step MIDI sequencer

Phaedra Feature Set

Phaedra 32 step 8 track sequencer

Anticipated features

  • Sixteen sequences active at once
  • 32 steps per sequence, but can be subdivided into smaller sequences
  • Pitch, velocity, controller 1 and controller 2 knobs per step
  • Active and skipped step switches per step
  • Start and End point switches per sequence
  • Clock divider/multiplier per sequence
  • Two Sweep Generators/LFO's per sequence with modulation routing (includes cross modulation)
  • Multi channel MIDI Effects processor
  • Storage for 128 sequences, 64 patches
  • Sychronisation to external MIDI or analogue clock
  • Sequence select, mute and transpose buttons
  • ape transport style controls
  • 40 x 2 VFD display
  • Output available as MIDI and/or CV/Trigger
  • Availability : tba

About the Phaedra Sequencer...

The Phaedra Sequencer is still very much in the planning stage. The functionality will be similar to the ZEIT Sequencer - just much more of it - although we would still like to hear from anyone with a good idea to come forward and make the suggestion! Several of our ZEIT customers have already made valuable suggestions to the specification of that instrument so... let us know what you think.