Electronics in action...

Melodic power synths fused with metal guitars and heavy-weight, industrial electronica...

At times delicate, frequently melancholic but always laden with beautifully crafted melodies, SkinMechanix defy any attempt at classification.

I've worked with these guys on and off for twenty years and they never, ever cease to amaze. One minute, they're channeling lush piano leads and harmonies, and the next, they're grinding out power metal guitar riffs that make the windows rattle. Every session is different. Every session is a delight, and I cannot wait to hear what they'll come up with next.

Richard McGeddon, Producer

SkinMechanix have their feet in many diverse and eclictic camps. Equally at home with dense and highly experimental ambient structures, they shift effortlessly along a spectrum with, say, trance and dance sensibilities at one end and Rammstein at the other.


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No gigs are currently scheduled because we're fully committed to getting the new album out before Trump blows up the planet.

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Our most recent concert was at Prohibition Bar, Arch Three, Brandling Street, Gateshead on Thursday 24th November 2016

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The uber Geek, science nerd, techno-hippy.

David Hughes

Composer, software hound dog, techno-mage...

Dark, brooding, sulky. Former life model for Pig Farmer Weekly...


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