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Last updated: 28-Dec-19

Music Player #1 : Future Forever by Ion

Future Forever remains our best selling and most widely played album of the last twenty five years. Whilst it's hard to put a figure on the number of downloads (data from CD-Baby is not exactly easy to decipher), I'd put the number at around 70,000, and that's being conservative.

Why is/was this album so popular? These are important questions. You may find the answers interesting.

Firstly, I wrote it quickly, whilst the ideas were still fresh. From start to finish, the bulk of the recording was completed in just three weeks. I took a couple of weeks to polish some of the tracks a little, and later to cut/edit some of the tracks that were just too long. In total, I spent no more than five weeks on it between January to March 2009.

Secondly, I did it on my own terms. It was music for me and nobody else. I wans't being pushed by a record company or by a deadline. That kind of freedom is very liberating.

Thirdly, it was written honestly, without a specific target audience in mind and without any notion of pandering to any specific group of fans. That too is very easy on the soul.

Listen. Relax. Enjoy. I just listened to it afresh for the first time in many years and ... I enjoyed it all.

Music Player #2 : Synchronicity by Ion

I knew that Future Forever would be a tough act to follow and so, rather than release any old rubbish in an effort to cash in on its success (as some artists do), I took a step back and went to work on a group of tracks which, I felt, worked well in the same context. This turned out to be a bad move. I over-thought the creation process and, rather than create quickly, I took my time. In time, the momentum (and interest) waned, and the project sat on a back burner for nearly eight years as we got on with other projects. Big, big mistake.

Synchronicity is still a strong second album but we took too long to deliver the goods. Lesson learned. Next time we release something, we'll have enough material in the bank to keep the moment moving forwards.