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Last updated: 29-May-18

29-May-18 Forthcoming gigs

Northern Electric Festival released the formal press statement detailing our appearance at NEF3 on July 21st yesterday.

Like I said, we absolutely cannot wait...

Work on Sirens continues. Several new ideas where added over the last week although I've yet to decide where they fit into the grand scheme, if they fit at all. I have certain ideas as to where Sirens needs to go and, whilst some of the new pieces do lean in the right direction, they're not a perfect fit. We'll see.

Have a look at the BLOG for further updates.

24-May-18 Northern Electric Festival : Year 3

We're delighted to finally confirm that SKinMechanix will be playing at the forthcoming Northern Electric Festival in July 2018.

We'll be appearing at the Tanners Arms, Shieldfield on Saturday 21st July supporting our old friends, Tunnel Club.

More news when we have it.

Meanwhile, have a look at the above movie - a promo for the forthcoming album, Sirens.

17-Apr-18 Forthcoming gigs

SkinMechanix have been invited to play a short support slot at a forthcoming music festival. All information is presently embargoed until the organisers make their announcement but, suffice to say, we're utterly thrilled. This is exactly what we set out to achieve.

We absolutely cannot wait...


The Blog returns

We've split the News section into two and created a new blog page which may be more appropriate to some of David's more obscure ramblings...

A cautionary note : this won't be the return of the infamous roasting blog, which infested these pages around ten years ago. This is a more gentle, more sedate version of that esteemed publication.

You can find the new blog here.