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Last updated: 27-Jan-20

Our Showreel

Welcome to our Showreel. This page has been put together to make it easier for you to find examples of our many and varied works as applied to TV, film and video games.

Our soundtrack work is primarily electronic in nature, albeit woven around different genres. Some of it is rock. Some of it is ambient piano. We don't just stick to one style. We like to shift direction as the mood takes us.

The primary outlet for our music over the last decade has been through music libraries such as iLicenseMusic, Magnatune and Shockwave Sound. We've seen our compositions used in over one hundred and seventy films, radio shows, TV programmes, commercials and computer games.

At the moment, we're searching for new outlets and libraries so ... watch this space...

Rather than bombard you with a load of waffle about musical styles, technical mumbo-jumbo etc, we'll let you be the judge. Have a listen and see if anything appeals. The technical stuff - the software and hardware specifications - is at the bottom.

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Last updated: 13-Aug-19


A small collection of individual pieces representing recent work. All of these tracks are available for licensing except Evensong, which was released through Magnatune under a Creative Commons License. Contact us if you're interested in using any of these pieces in a project. They're available at very reasonable rates.

Opaque (2019)

Atmospheric guitar based piece with electronic grooves and distorted plucked strings.

As the moment flies... (2018)

Simple, melodic piano piece strongly influenced by that fine Italian Car Maker, EinAudi.

The Squeaky Gate (2019)

An experiment inspired by an online competition to write a piece around a squeaky gate sample...

The Art of Falling (2016)

Guitar-driven Indy-Rock piece used in the promotion for The Hoppings Fun Fair, Europe's biggest travelling fun fair.

Infinite Orbit (2019)

A departure for us. This is a dance/trance remix of Tunnel Club's Infinite Orbit from their album Exit Space.

Tension (2018)

Huge industrial metal guitars and moody atmospherics, this is what we do best. Tension has enjoyed extensive airplay on BBC Introducing, AstroRadio and Radio Caroline.

B-Movie Horror Film (2018)

Eighties-inspired B-Movie Stalk-and-Slash Shock Horror fodder. Bring your own Scream! mask...

Evensong (2007)

So proud of this one... It's been used all over the world and enjoyed so much airplay...

Fossils (2018)

An early orchestral piece, reworked and revamped in Albion...

New Tracks

Recent demo recordings, still classed as work-in-progress but... we felt like sharing them... We're nice like that...

Blizzards at Sunset (2019)

Guitar/synth piece, slow build, moody background. Still needs some polishing but getting close.

Deeply Spooky (2019)

Your typical haunted house/teen-slasher/suspense background noise. One of my recent favourites.

Mandorla Trailer

Mandorla, a film by Roberto Miller, explores a man's search for a meaningful life despite conflicts between his inner and outer worlds. Ernesto is a visual artist and seeker stuck in a corporate job, who is drawn by dark magical visions to a medieval French city. There he seeks an elusive banker to help him unlock an obscure dream that threatens his job, family, and sanity.

Logoscape was the second track on Ion's 2007 album Future Forever. A three-minute filler, Logoscape formed a bridge between the bright and optimistic opening title track with the sombre and more downbeat Minerva. It took a matter of minutes to compose. Probably not even that. And yet here it is promoting a major independent movie, which was backed by some of the best known producers in Hollywood. It even found itself in the sound studios over at Industrial Light and Magic, smoothed and caressed by none other than Oscar Winner, Randy Thom.

Pinch me. I'm still dreaming.

Newcastle Hoppings Promo

A promotional trailer for the 2017 Newcasltle Hoppings, Europe's biggest travelling funfair. Released through the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, the video was seen by over 12000 people on the opening weekend alone.

Keywords: rock, instrumental, electronica

Galactic Water Cooler November 2009

Yes, this is an old entry but... it's one of my favourites.

My day job (the one that pays the bills) involves a lot of astronomy - I've been an astronomer for more than forty years. As a child of the sixties, one of my absolute heroes was, of course, the late Carl Sagan and it was his words and enthusiasm, coupled with those of Patrick Moore, which set me on this strange and wonderful path when I was just an eager teen.

Sagan should need no introduction. If you don't know who he was then take a look at his biography over on Wikipedia and then you'll perhaps see why he was so influential. The Pioneer and Voyager missions to the outer planets, the Viking missions to Mars, the Planetary Society... and so on...

So imagine my delight when I discover that someone has licensed a piece of my music for use in an interview with Carl's widow, the lovely Ann Druyan and son Nick. I feel bad taking their money. I really do.

It took me a while to track down the interview. I thought it had been deleted but... no, there it was.


Productions using our music...

Tripura Yoga (2015)

Tripura Yoga & Meditation videos for mental health and emotional well-being.

Lane Kennedy Yoga (2016)

Yoga / Meditation Aids

Subtle Energy LLC (2016)

Theraputic Min/Energy Devices.

Razortron 2000 (2016)

Retro-styled iPad driving game, available on Steam

S.O.R.S. (2016)

Medically-theme game set in disfunctional hospital in a strange, dystopian future, available on STEAM.

Fantastic Checkers 2 (2015)

Ensasoft's entertaining rework of Checkers in 3D with some nice effects...

Weaving the Past : A journey of discovery

Filmmaker Walter Dominguez finds a mysterious photograph connected to his late beloved Mexican-born grandfather Emilio. Walter embarks on a quest to unearth answers to mysteries surrounding Emilio’s early life. However, what Walter discovers is a dark side of his grandfather’s life that he had no inkling existed, and it turns his perceptions about his grandfather upside down.

Emilio was an anarchist revolutionary, befriended and mentored by a famous Mexican revolutionary named Praxedis G. Guerrero. And that Emilio and Praxedis together were involved in conspiratorial, even violent activities based from the United States against the dictator of Mexico, Porfirio Díaz, activities that helped precipitate the cataclysmic ten year Mexican Revolution.

The documentary traces Walter’s odyssey as he puts the pieces of the puzzle together, the puzzle of how conditions in Emilio’s tragic early life, and in Mexico as a whole, brought him together with Praxedis and motivated their fiery opposition to Díaz; and of how Emilio transformed from a radical anarchist into a Methodist minister, dedicated to changing human conditions through peaceful, non-violent means.

Our own movies : Sirens Promo

A short promotional video for our forthcoming album, Sirens, to be released sometime in 2020

Keywords: Ambient piano, female vocals, moody atmospherics.

Our own movies : Free Fall

Way back in 2012, we were asked to create a backing video for the band, Thorpe Cloud. The task was daunting - put together nearly seventy minutes of footage set within an abandoned spaceship.

The solution came in the form of a (now abandoned) installation in the virtual world, Second Life, which we shamelessly pillaged for sets and atmospherics. The end result was the movie, Free Fall.

Shown once at Thorpe Cloud's (as-far-as-we-know) only performance, it seemed a shame to leave it sitting on a shelf, ignored and unloved. Hence, I began adding my own music, tones and atmospheres to these images and, one day, I might actually get around to releasing it properly.

This version was aired at Northumbria University's Sound Manifesto Event (November 2017)

Our own movies : Romance and the Telescope

Romance and the Telescope began life as one of our stage movies - a series of short clips intended to sit behind the performer as part of a bigger performance. We liked the imagery so much that we decided to develop the themes into a short animated film.

We're quite proud of Romance. It's our first movie with a proper story. We hope you enjoy it too.

Our own movies : Zyra's Song

Zyra's Song was put together for one of our many concerts. We liked it so much we released the full video on Vimeo

Keywords: piano, female vocals, rhythmic electronica

Zyra's Song from SkinMechanix on Vimeo.

Our own movies : Passengers

Passengers is another of our backing videos, included here because it started to pick up a lot of likes over on Youtube. The music itself was influenced by the work of Adam Lastiwka, who wrote the original soundtrack for the sci-fi series Travellers. I love his work. I love the colours and the tones, the energy and the subtlety. I thik you can hear those influences very clearly on Passengers.

Incidentally, yes, I did play all of the bass guitar parts myself. It's not easy, which is what makes it so much fun.

Keywords: melodic, sequencer, rhythmic, electronica

Passengers from SkinMechanix on Vimeo.

Charging Rates:

  • When quoting for a piece of music, we take into account a number of significant factors such as a project’s overall budget, how integral the music will be to the project, and of course the complexity of the work commissioned. All of these will come into play with regards to the final figure.
  • Generally, we stick to the guidelines for both live commissions (theatre, orchestral concerts etc) and recorded media commissions (film, TV, advertising, online etc) set by the Musician's Union when negotiating a price.
  • This typically works out at around £450 per minute of composed music although we're flexible.
  • We are willing to license pre-existing pieces. We're also happy to re-arrange and/or modify a pre-existing piece for a significantly reduced fee.

Technical Information

Our studio is small and compact, and comes well equipped with a good mix of state-of-the-art digital and old-fashioned analogue instruments. We also design and build our own kit (sequences, synthesisers, MIDI stuff) so there's always something new on the test bed.

However, this is the important list:


  • Apple iMac running High Sierra
  • Logic Pro 10.6.1
  • Spectrasonics OmniSphere 2.56
  • Spitfire Audio Albion One
  • Spitfire Audio Kepler Orchestra
  • Audio Modern Opacity
  • Heavyocity Shreddage II guitar Library
  • Heavyocity Evolve MUtations 1 & 2
  • Heavyocity Vocalise Gravity Packs 2 & 4
  • Heavyocity DM 307 Groove Designer
  • Heavyocity Scoring Guitars Packs 1 & 2
  • Arturia Minimoog
  • Arturia Modular V
  • AIR Music Hybrid, VacuumPro and Xpand 2 VSTs
  • Camel Audio Alchemy
  • Apple Alchemy
  • ... plus our large and ever expanding sample library...
  • ... extensive sequencing hardware - several Zyras, a (rare) Haydn and a few others
  • ... lots of legacy synth modules
  • Monitors are Spirit Studio Absolute 2's - old but still very sharp and clear...
  • Mixing is into a Soundcraft Signature 12MTK - small but good


  • We have not posted up an extensive list of hardware especially the older analogue synths since this would constitute a shopping list for the local bad guys and I do not want to have my front door kicked in by a bunch of thugs intent on nicking my ancient and knackered Moog Prodigy.